Block Island Aerial

The Morning After, Southeast Light

Southeast Light - A View From The Porch

Skim Coat on the Southeast Light

The Southeast Light at Night

Tower of the Southeast Light

Crown Jewel - The Southeast Light

Bedroom, Southeast Light

Fresnel Lens, Southeast Light

Inside the Fresnel Lens, Southeast Light

October Evening

Fresh Fallen Snow


Wild Roses

Guiding Light

Moon over the Southeast Light

Day Meets Night

North Portico

Southeast Light - Above & Beyond

Spinnakers off Southeast Light

Out, Out Brief Candle

Evening Surf

Mystic Whaler - Heading East

Shadblow and the Southeast Light

Full Moon Rising

December at the Southeast Light

Mohegan Bluffs and the Southeast Light

Over Mohegan Bluffs

Room at the Top

Sky on Fire - North Light

September Evening, North Light and Moon

Day's End, Cow Cove

Path Among the Dunes, North Light

September Evening, North Light

North Light and Sandy Point, III

North Light and Beyond
Fresel Lens at Sunset, North Light

The North Light's Fresnel Lens - Looking East

North Light, Walkers, Sailboat

North Light and Block Island Sound

Liftoff, North Light Tower

Bird's Eye View, North Light

North Light - Sitting Atop the Dunes

Majestic North Light

Dunes at the North Light in Winter

Approach to the North Light - Winter

Dune Grass and Snow, North Light

In the Vortex II, North Light

Paradise in the Dunes, Sandy Point

Windswept, Sandy Point

Pillar of Light, North Light

Rose Hip, Spider Web, Goldenrod, and Cairn

Sachem Pond in Winter

Setting Sun, North Light

Rosa Rugosa and the North Light

Full Moon Over the North Light

Roses, Sandy Point

Dusk at the North Light

North Light on a Bed Of Roses

Cruising, North Light

Racing By North Light II

Nestled in the Dunes, North Light

Nesting Time, North Light

Sachem Pond and the North Light - Dusk
Rose-Colored Clouds, North Light

North Light Christmas

January Glaze

June Evening, North Light

Clouds and the North Light

Sandy Point Panorama

Sandy Point Aerial

Duet, North Light Rookery

Over Sandy Point

Winter's Day at the North Light
Rip, Sandy Point

The Gables Inn

Wedding Day, Sullivan House
Pink Clouds and the McGregor House

Chessboard in the Surf Hotel Parlor
The Surf Hotel

January at the Surf Hotel

Surf Hotel Gables and Cupola

The Surf is Back

Surf Hotel from Dodge Street

Snow Covered Surf Hotel

Brian's Boat, #2

Keys at the Surf Hotel

Surf Hotel Under a Wolf Moon

The Parlor at the Surf Hotel, #1

Atlantic Inn Poppies

Memorial Day at the Gothic

Manisses Hotel

Moon Over Manisses Cupola

Racing by 1661 Inn

Cove by Narragansett

Narragansett Inn Porch
Setting Sun and Swirling Clouds, Narragansett Inn

Mystic Whaler and Spring House

Spring House Cupola under a Full Moon

Rainbows Over the Spring House

Sunflowers and the Spring House II

Spring House Dusk

Sunflowers and the Spring House III

Annex Porch, the Spring House

Stormfront II, Indian Head Neck

Summer Fun, Trim's Pond

Sunset Silhouettes, Sullivan House

Sullivan House Porch

8 O'Clock Boat, Surf Hotel Porch
Rocking Chairs, Surf Hotel Porch

Cloudburst Over Sachem Pond

Lynn's Dock on a Fall Day

Rain Cloud Along Corn Neck Road

Enjoying Breakfast, Young White-tailed Deer, Corn Neck Road

White-Tailed Deer on Alert

Winter at the Red House

Out Scavenging, Deer off Corn Neck Road

Spring Bouquet

Yellow House

Summer Fun, Trim's Pond

Tree Silhouettes

Sarah and the Rainbow

Twilight, Indian Head Neck

Block Island Cow

Red House

Cows by Sachem Pond

Mitchell Farm
Mitchell Farm in February

Mitchell Farm in Winter
Winter Wonderland

Two Doors

Helen's Boat

Green Heron

Pink Clouds and the McGregor House

Gentle Surf, Scotch to Mansion

Solicitous Seal, Mansion Beach

Rocks and the Sea, Riley's Harbor

Mansion Beach I

Angry Seal

Benson Beach

Crashing Wave, Clay Head

Clouds Over Crescent Beach

Peek-a-Boo Sunset, Great Salt Pond

End of an Era - The New London Boat at Payne's Dock

Payne's Dock in March

Slips Available, Payne's Dock in March

Cloud Reflections, Payne's Dock

Dock in Cormorant Cove

Sunset Over Great Salt Pond

Twilight, Indian Head Neck

Mauve on a Tangerine Sky, Great Salt Pond

Over Champlin's Marina

Over Payne's Dock

Over Indian Head Neck - Northwest

Indian Head Neck and New Harbor

Bird's-eye View, Great Salt Pond

Indian Head Neck and the Salt Pond

Glorious Sunset, Great Salt Pond

Dock in Cormorant Cove II

Rainbow, New Harbor

Tranquility, Block Island Club

Sentinels, Block Island Boat Basin


Mosquito Beach Sunset

Light Tower, Salt Pond Jetty

Dropping Anchor

View from Champlin Road

Hoodoos, Block Island Boat Basin

Salt Marsh Sunset I

Groundsel Blossoms

Approaching Storm, Block I. Boat Basin

Groundsel Bush

Rowboat at Dusk, Cormorant Cove

Over Great Salt Pond

Cloud Reflections

Mystic Clipper in the Breachway
Glorious Sky

Shadblow on Beacon Hill

The John Dodge Cemetery

Shadblow Display, Rodman's Hollow

Multiflora Roses I, Beach Avenue

Proud Parents

Multiflora Roses II, Beach Avenue

Fall Colors, Rodman's Hollow

Payne Farm Sunset

Red Leaves, Rodman's Hollow

White Birch & Swamp Maple, Rodman's Hollow

Rodman's Hollow

Deep Pond, Cooneymus Road
Storm Clouds and Knoll, Rose Farm

Roses, Chez Bon Repos

Roses on the Old Hen House

Shoreline at Dusk

Surfcaster, Mohegan Bluffs

Sundown, Mohegan Bluffs

Fishermen's Rock, Mohegan Bluffs

February Morning, Mohegan Bluffs

Blanket of Snow, Mohegan Bluffs

Winter Surf At Vail Beach

Teardrop Sunset, Mohegan Bluffs

The Final Act, Mohegan Bluffs

Stairs at Mohegan Bluffs

Southeast Point to Clay Head
Serrated Surf at Sunset

Unclaimed Jewels #1

Jump!, Suicide Point

Unclaimed Jewels #2

Mohegan Bluffs and Race Week
Mohegan Bluffs Sunset

Sea Foam Gone Wild

Stairway to Heaven

Beneath Mohegan Bluffs

Turquoise Waters

Clouds and Surf

Old Harbor Panorama

Winter at Old Harbor Docks

Old Harbor After Dark

 Old Harbor Rainbow

After the Rainbow, Old Harbor

The Lightburne's Boiler, Old Harbor

Rebecca in the Snow #1

Irene Slams the Green Jetty

Fishing Boats and the Rainbow, Old Harbor

Mad Monk Under a Rainbow

Carol Jean Meets the Rainbow

Don't Cross the Yellow Line!

Corn Neck Road - Open to Bike Traffic Only

Take a Seat, Enjoy the View

Hobie Cats on Crescent Beach

Brian's Boat #2

Double Rainbow, Old Harbor

Over Old Harbor in July

Looking Down on Water Street

Old Harbor's Warm Embrace

Anna C and Old Harbor

Summertime at Fountain Square

   Casting Off, the Carol Jean

Homeward Bound, the Carol Jean

Billowing Sea Smoke

June Roses, Old Harbor

Sea Smoke and the Green Jetty

Celebrating the 4th, Fountain Square

Last Picture Show, Empire Theater

Inside the Empire I

Inside the Empire II

Dawn of a New Day, Old Harbor

Old Harbor Over July 4th

Two Harbors I

Two Harbors II

Winter at Fountain Square

Old Harbor from Red Jetty

Rainbow and Wave, Old Harbor

Six Seals on a Rock, Old Harbor Point

Delivering the Goods

Snack Bar on the 'Block Island'

Barreling Towards Block Island

Racing by North Light II

Race Week Fleet, North Light

Four Spinnakers, West Side

Bunched at the Start, Race Week

Approaching the Mark, Race Week

Spinnaker Run, West Side

Start of the Race

Mystic Whaler at Sunset

Last Light, Vail Beach

Celestial Light, Barlow's Point

Bluffs & Sky, Vail Beach

Sunbeams, Barlow's Point

Blue Sky Over Vail Beach

Red Sands, Vail Beach

Water's Edge, Vail Beach

Curious Seal - Dicken's Point

Baby Seal - Dicken's Point

Barlow's in White

Winter Light, Split Rock Cove

White on White - Bit o' Heaven

Sunset's Glow - Bit o' Heaven

Winter at Bit o' Heaven Porch II

Bit o' Heaven - West

Barlow's Point

View from Black Rock I

View from Black Rock II

Meadows, Lewis Farm

Cows Grazing, Lewis Farm

Cow under a Turner-like Sky
Evening Sky

Cows on the Move


Day's End, Dead Man's Cove

Stormclouds, Cooneymus Beach

Cloud 9, the West Side

Cooneymus Beach Panorama
Coastline, Cooneymus Beach

Dorry's Cove Sunset
Breakers, Dorry's Cove

Roses and Sailboats, West Beach
View from Beacon Hill

Cooneymus Aglow

Winners and Losers, West Beach

Menacing Clouds, Swirling Surf

Rogue Wave, West Beach

Molten Light, Antelope Canyon

   Chamber of Light, Antelope Canyon

Waves in Sandstone, Antelope Canyon

Sandstone Swirls, Antelope Canyon

Horseshoe Bend II

Corkscrew in Corkscrew Canyon

Yei Bi Chai and the Totem, Monument Valley

Bend in the Colorado

After the Storm, Monument Valley

North Window, Monument Valley

Square Tower House, Mesa Verde

Spider Rock, Canyon de Chelly

Red Rock Crossing, Sedona

Sedona: View from Airport Hill

San Franciso de Asis, Rancho de Taos

Echo Amphitheater

Temples of the Sun & Moon, Capitol Reef

Silent City, Bryce Canyon

Hoodoos, Bryce Canyon

Temple of Sinawava, Zion National Park

Nubble Light, Cape Neddick

Musconetcong River, Waterloo Village

Chasing Tiki


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