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Last Light, Vail Beach

Celestial Light, Barlow's Point

Bluffs & Sky, Vail Beach

Sunbeams, Barlow's Point

Blue Sky Over Vail Beach

Red Sands, Vail Beach

Water's Edge, Vail Beach

Winter's Day at Vail Beach

Curious Seal - Dicken's Point

Baby Seal - Dicken's Point

Barlow's in White

White on White - Bit o' Heaven

Sunset's Glow - Bit o' Heaven

Winter at Bit o' Heaven Porch II

Bit o' Heaven - West

Barlow's Point

Winter Light, Split Rock Cove

View from Black Rock I

View from Black Rock II

Meadows, Lewis Farm

Cows Grazing, Lewis Farm

Cow under a Turner-like Sky
Evening Sky

Cows on the Move


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