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Old Harbor Panorama

Winter at Old Harbor Docks

Old Harbor After Dark

 Old Harbor Rainbow

After the Rainbow, Old Harbor

The Lightburne's Boiler, Old Harbor

Rebecca in the Snow #1

Irene Slams the Green Jetty

Fishing Boats and the Rainbow, Old Harbor

Mad Monk Under a Rainbow

Carol Jean Meets the Rainbow

Don't Cross the Yellow Line!

Corn Neck Road - Open to Bike Traffic Only

Take a Seat, Enjoy the View

Hobie Cats on Crescent Beach

Brian's Boat #2

Double Rainbow, Old Harbor

Over Old Harbor in July

Looking Down on Water Street

Old Harbor's Warm Embrace

Anna C and Old Harbor

Summertime at Fountain Square

   Casting Off, the Carol Jean

Homeward Bound, the Carol Jean

Billowing Sea Smoke

June Roses, Old Harbor

Sea Smoke and the Green Jetty

Celebrating the 4th, Fountain Square

Last Picture Show, Empire Theater

Inside the Empire I

Inside the Empire II

Dawn of a New Day, Old Harbor

Old Harbor Over July 4th

Two Harbors I

Two Harbors II

Winter at Fountain Square

Old Harbor from Red Jetty

Rainbow and Wave, Old Harbor

Six Seals on a Rock, Old Harbor Point

Delivering the Goods


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