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Peek-a-Boo Sunset, Great Salt Pond

End of an Era - The New London Boat at Payne's Dock

Payne's Dock in March

Slips Available, Payne's Dock in March

Cloud Reflections, Payne's Dock

Dock in Cormorant Cove

Sunset Over Great Salt Pond

Twilight, Indian Head Neck

Mauve on a Tangerine Sky, Great Salt Pond

Over Champlin's Marina

Over Payne's Dock

Over Indian Head Neck - Northwest

Indian Head Neck and New Harbor

Bird's-eye View, Great Salt Pond

Indian Head Neck and the Salt Pond

Glorious Sunset, Great Salt Pond

Dock in Cormorant Cove II

Rainbow, New Harbor

Tranquility, Block Island Club

Sentinels, Block Island Boat Basin


Mosquito Beach Sunset

Light Tower, Salt Pond Jetty

Dropping Anchor

View from Champlin Road

Hoodoos, Block Island Boat Basin

Salt Marsh Sunset I

Groundsel Blossoms

Approaching Storm, Block I. Boat Basin

Groundsel Bush

Rowboat at Dusk, Cormorant Cove

Over Great Salt Pond

Cloud Reflections

Mystic Clipper in the Breachway
Glorious Sky

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