Summary of Framed Photo Prices

Photo Size

Framed Sizes

Framed Price Range
I. 8x10


II. 11x14


III. 16x20

(20x27) (21x27) (22x27)

IV. 20x24

(25x31) (26x31) (27x31)

V. 24x30

(27x37) (30x37) (31x37)

Panoramic style:    
VI. 7x14

(13x20) (14x20)

VII. 10x20

(15x27) (16x27)

VIII. 15x30

(19x37) (20x37)

IX. 20x40

(21x37) (24x48) (26x48)

$920 & up

All the prints are custom prints.

All the mats are acid-free museum mats, not regular mats.

The glass is very expensive “museum” glass: antireflective and 99% UV filtering.
Annoying reflections are practically eliminated, thereby allowing one to see and enjoy the image itself. Whereas UV filtering will more than double the life of the print. (We are the only artist/gallery on Block Island that uses this premium glass.)

Mat decoration includes a hand-drawn ink line using fade-resistant inks. (We are the only artist/gallery on Block Island that offers this extra decorative touch.)

Every photo is laminated to seal the surface against humidity, pollutants, and other stuff.
In addition, the laminate has UV inhibitors to further protect the photo against fading. (We are the only artist/gallery on Block Island that provides this extra protection.)

We offer many different frames. The differences in frame prices accounts for the “range” of prices for each given size. Solid mahogany frames, for example, would push the framed price to the top of the range.


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